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The Sasquatch Murder Cover
Sasquatch Murder Author Photo
Jeffery Viles

What would happen if someone roaming the woods actually shot a sasquatch and got the corpse back to civilization? I was sitting by a pool in Palm Desert, California, note pad in hand, when the answer came unexpectedly. Why of course, he’d be charged with murder by a prosecutor who had a problem with him to begin with. A prosecutor who would claim the creature was so nearly human it might be judged a murder. A little frantic scribbling and “The Sasquatch Murder” was conceived, if not born. Fast forward several years of sneaking a little time  away from business obligations to develop the notion, make a first draft, rewrite several times, and here it is, a novel. Take a look.  I hope you’ll have a good time with the whole story.

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Reviews for Sasquatch Murder

“A delightful tale for both conspiracy theorists and romantics, or anyone who believes there might still be some mysteries hidden out there in the woods.”

—Greg Michalson, publisher, Unbridled Books

“A wild tale about a wild man.”

—Speer Morgan, author, Belle Starr