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The Sasquatch Murder (A Love Story) is Published

They’re out there, you know—those bipedal hominids commonly called Sasquatch.

This imaginative, tightly woven tale explains just how those creatures came to be traipsing around in the big trees surrounding Mount St. Helens. While local oddballs and elbow-benders talk Bigfoot and relate their peculiar yarns at Hee-Haw’s Tavern, Jake Holly and Jessica O’Reilly are falling in love despite an age difference that Jessica’s powerful father cannot abide. When Sasquatch enters the picture, a tripwire is broken and every preconceived notion is instantly turned upside down. Utilizing intricate details and language that’s often dressed up in literary lipstick, Jeffery Viles weaves a fast-moving story of events that consume the town of Aurora, and reverberate into the White House and around the world.

You can buy your copy of the book today at, or Barnes & Noble.


Reviews of Sasquatch Murder

“A delightful tale for both conspiracy theorists and romantics, or anyone who believes there might still be some mysteries hidden out there in the woods.”

—Greg Michalson, publisher, Unbridled Books

“A wild tale about a wild man.”

—Speer Morgan, author, Belle Starr

The Sasquatch Murder Cover